GMOs are Everywhere, Sucker!

GMO's are Everywhere, Sucker!It’s tougher to avoid GMOs than you might think.

This is a new version of a Hank D and the Bee cartoon I did after Halloween. It was a popular cartoon so I wanted to share it with a larger audience. Enjoy…and share.

More on GMOs and Monsanto

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is an Environmental/Political cartoonist for Planetsave, Elephant Journal, Wend Magazine, Twilight Earth, Ecopolitology, EcoSnobberySucks, and more... Joe also does a kids enviro-toon called Hank D and the Bee on EcoChildsPlay and NaturalPapa. Joe lives in University City, Missouri and spends his free time with his beautiful wife, enthusiastic daughter, and curious toddler of the same name. He also enjoys writing, drawing, painting, walking, biking, skateboarding, gardening, reading, listening to music, playing sports, and watching plays (especially the plays his wife's site-specific theatre company, Onsite Theatre puts on).   Visit Joe's online cartoon gallery at
  • I have started looking at the numbers on the produce to see if it is genetically modified. I wouldn’t doubt it if the government gets rid of the requirement to have to label food as genetically modified.

  • I’m working a different angle, because I think we can’t keep just pushing regulation and playing by Monsanto’s preferred rules (when it comes to regulation, they have the home court advantage). Instead, we have to change the game:

  • Sam

    I did not know about the numbers on produce. After reading the articles in the more on GMOs and Monsanto section, it seems to be clear that money to the politicians will be the major factor in deciding if food will have to be labeled as genetically modified or not.

  • Genetically modified food is everywhere. Money and greed control our society. Our health and well being is in the balance. All of our leaders are short term thinkers. They regulations and safety controls we need will never come. The only way to know whats in the food your eating is to grow your food yourself