Infographic: What’s The Shelf Life Of Common Foods?

Real Food: Fresh, Local Tomatoes Ripen In The Sun

Seeking to waste less food?

Learn what those “expiration” dates really mean and where to store food in the frig to maximize its lifespan. Use a chalkboard to remind yourself of the perishables you want to enjoy, not waste. Make bread crumbs or croutons from your old bread and chicken broth from leftover bones. Start a compost pile from scraps you would otherwise send to the landfill.

And check out this handy infographic that just found its way into my inbox. How long should food last on the counter, in the frig, or in the freezer?

The Shelf Life of Food

Note: These are guidelines — you should rely on the sniff test and common sense before eating anything questionable!

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Image Credit: The Shelf Life of Food infographic by LindsaySnowOsborn.

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Hi all! I'm Mary Gerush - a recovering corporate worker bee turned good-farm-real-food advocate and writer who wants to help people understand what they're eating. I tend a tiny urban farm in Dallas, TX, and hope to scale up one day soon. Omnivore through-and-through, there's not much I love to eat more than a butter-basted grass fed steak fresh from a searing hot cast iron skillet. Follow me on , , and !
  • AEM

    I freeze a lot of food for later use but have never thought to freeze some of these fruits. Has anyone tried freezing apples or cantaloupes? I’ve frozen bananas; they’re great for banana great but I wouldn’t eat them straight. I’ve tried freezing yogurt but there was a lot of complaining from my family about the change in consistency.