Julia Child’s Impact: A Food Critic’s Personal Perspective

Cook For Julia On Her 100th Birthday
Cook For Julia On Her 100th Birthday

In July, I highlighted the impending celebration of Julia Childs’ 100th birthday. Today, Twitter is abuzz with notes from Julia’s fan club. They’re cooking up a storm of Child-inspired dishes and sharing their results with those of us who love Julia as much as they do.

Today, I learned how Julia Child changed the life of one modern food critic: James Oseland. His first cooking foray involved the creation of a Caesar salad based on one of Julia’s recipes. In his own words:

What an incredible joy my Caesar turned out to be, the way the high notes of the lemon and Parmesan and Worchester melded with the depth of anchovy and the creamy coddled egg, how the edgy texture of those perfect inner leaves of Romaine lettuce contrasted with the olive oil–fried bite of the croutons. The exaltation that I got at that sense of control and gratification, the smiles on the faces of my family members—what a perfect first adult food to make. It was the introduction to a lifetime of cooking.

There is still time to honor Julia on her 100th birthday on August 15th: Cook one of her recipes, drink French wine, toast friends.

Just like Julia would have wanted.


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