New Film Raises Awareness about Monsanto #stopmonsanto

Stop Monsanto

Mariel Hemingway is teaming up with producers Blythe Metz and Priscilla Woolworth to produce a film about activists fighting Monsanto. The film follows a group of activists as they work to raise awareness about the biotech giant, first through rallys and then through stunts.

This is a scripted film – not a documentary – and the intention of the film is to get more people talking about and paying attention to Monsanto and what this company is doing to our farmers, the environment, our food system, and to anyone willing to take action against them. Here’s what the film-makers say about the project:

We’re fed up with Monsanto and how they’re treating farmers and consumers, so we decided to make a movie about it. We want to know whether the foods we eat contain GMOs (they better not!) and we think that all foods should be properly labeled. We hope the movie is entertaining and helps educate viewers about what Monsanto is doing and what the company stands for. By donating and supporting the film, you have the chance to help #stopmonsanto!

If you’d like to help the producers complete this film, you can kick in over at their indiegogo campaign.

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by home_of_chaos

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