National Organic Standards Board Composed of Big Ag Insiders

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The list of appointments to the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) is a who’s who of Big Ag. This is not the NOSB we envisioned in the 1990s.

When genetically modified DHA and ARA were approved as non-organic additives in organic foods, organic advocates protested. How did this come to be? Genetically modified organisms were not supposed to be allowed under organic standards.

The Cornucopia Institute uncovered a long list of members of the board who came straight from agri-business and companies such as General Mills and Campbell Soup. It’s no surprise such a board would advocate for more corporate-friendly organic standards.

The Organic Watergate – White Paper” is the result of the Cornucopia Institute’s research. Subtitled “Connecting the Dots: Corporate Influence at the USDA’s National Organic Program”, the seventy-five page paper reviews the shortcomings in the appointment process and how the appointments of corporate representatives is blurring the line between organic and conventional foods.

What Can You Do?

Let the USDA decision-makers know how you feel about this. The Cornucopia Institute has a letter that people who want organic labels to accurately reflect the production and origins of foods can sign and send in.

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