5 Vegan Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

margarita for cinco de mayo

Cinco de Mayo is just one little day away!

The fifth of May is traditionally all about celebrating Mexican heritage and freedom, and for the most part folks celebrate Cinco de Mayo here in the U.S. and in parts of Mexico. For a lot of people, Cinco de Mayo has really evolved to celebrate super awesome Mexican food and drinks.

Mexican food is super easy to veganize. Load up on the beans, rice, salsa, and guac, and you’ll never miss the animal products. Add a frosty margarita on the side, and you’re ready to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in vegan style. Here’s a tasty vegan menu to get you started:

  1. Homemade salsa fresca
  2. Best Damn Guacamole Ever
  3. Black Bean Tacos
  4. Vegan Chorizo-Spinach Sopes (If you don’t have a copy of Viva Vegan!, you can use store-bought vegan chorizo. Trader Joe’s makes a good one.)
  5. Margaritas made with 100% organic tequila

Do you have any tasty vegan Cinco de Mayo recipes in the works? I’d love to hear what’s cooking!

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by mnapoleon

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