Mini Garden Tour: What’s Growing in Your Garden?

Here’s a peek into what’s growing in my raised bed and containers this spring. I’d love to hear how your gardens are growing, too!

lemon tree blossom
Our lemon tree is getting ready to bloom! That tiny purple bud will burst open any day.

I was super inspired by Patricia’s edible garden photo essay last week, so over the weekend I grabbed my camera to get up close and personal with my garden. What they say about April showers is right on the money, because my food plants are all starting to flower and produce little baby fruits and veggies!

We planted a few cucumbers in the raised beds, and they’re just starting to flower. These little yellow blossoms mean cucumbers are on the way!

cucumber flower

Our hot peppers are also just starting to produce. There were flowers just over a week ago, and now we’re seeing baby peppers. I can’t wait until they’re ready to pick, so I can make some garden fresh hot sauce!

hot pepper

Even the strawberries are starting to produce! I was a little bit worried about them, since we’ve been getting local strawberries from our CSA for weeks, but we might be able to harvest some from our garden yet. Hi, baby berries!

baby strawberries

My husband and I thought that our green bean plants had totally died, but check out this plucky little guy growing in one of our herb spirals. Hurrah!

green bean

All we’ve done to take care of our container and raised bed garden is use good potting soil, fertilized with bat guano, and made sure to water regularly (except the lemon tree – it only needs water once or twice a week). I’d love to hear from you, fellow gardeners! What’s growing in your containers and garden beds, and how are you caring for your spring food plants?

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  • wow- peppers and cucumbers already flowering and forming fruit. You are ahead of me!
    Go Becky!

    • We had a bit of a heat wave over the past week, which I’m sure is part of what’s happenening there. :) I can’t wait to see your peppers and cukes! You always choose such pretty varieties.

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  • Your cucumbers and peppers are ahead of mine, but I’ve got kale, artichokes, and strawberries coming out my ears, and I’m also harvesting some asparagus, lettuce, and broccoli. Everything tastes better from your own garden!

    • Very cool! Our strawberries are still teensy, and the birds or chipmunks keep getting to them before I can!