Health Benefits of Beer

health benefits of beer

Are you a beer drinker? Did you know that, like wine, drinking beer in moderation has some great health benefits?

We talk a lot about wine around here, but beer connoisseurs don’t get nearly enough love. This infographic from Frugal Dad lets beer culture shine! While I’m not crazy about the animal-centric food pairings (an IPA goes really well with a gingery veggie stir fry, BTW!), I thought the health benefits of drinking beer in moderation were very interesting. Check it! You can click the image for a full-sized version.

Health Benefits of Beer

Image Credit: Beer image via Shutterstock

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  • Oh this is the first time I hear that beer has also benefits. Glad you share this info. But I know we should control not to drink so much of it because to much is not good, am I right?