Up Close and Personal with Vegetable Husband

flowers and a vegetable basket
Margie writes a note to a Vegetable Husband client who just had a baby!

Not a husband made out of vegetables! Vegetable Husband (a take on animal husbandry), is the name of the CSA that I’ve been involved with since 2008, and last week I got a super fun promotion! Instead of delivering veggies around the Atlanta area, I’m going to be hanging out at Vegetable Husband headquarters, riding to farms, and generally documenting all of the behind-the-scenes stuff that gets those veggies from farm to table.

Margie, the owner, said it would be cool if I shared some of those experiences with you guys, too, and I’m excited about the chance to give you guys a glimpse at a different side of the local food movement!

Vegetable Husband is a little different from a traditional CSA. Instead of buying a share in one farm, clients get a monthly subscription, and Margie partners with a few different farms around north Georgia to get the veggies to the people. Margie and some helpers do the sorting, and then a team of drivers deliver baskets to the doorsteps of veggie lovers all over Atlanta. There’s a whole community of people involved, and I think that what Margie is doing is really amazing. In this first post, you can take a peek at Vegetable Husband HQ, where all of the sorting happens (and see a picture of my awesome neighbor, Brian).

What Would You Like to See?

The whole idea here is to shine a light on some of the ins and outs of Vegetable Husband and share some of the cool things that they’re up to. Because of my marathon training schedule, I won’t be able to visit any farms for a few weeks, but it’s definitely on the list!

I asked this on Facebook, too, but just in case you’re not a regular on our fan page, I thought I’d ask here, too: If you could get a behind-the-scenes look at a CSA, what sorts of things would you want to see?

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