Best English Strawberry Crop in Decades Expected

The warm spring we’ve been enjoying on this side of the pond has giving us a large and high-quality strawberry crop, the best in about twenty years!

According to an English strawberry grower:

“The extra warmth has helped boost sugar levels but equally important have been good levels of light which have helped the fruit set and encouraged bees to pollinate the plants.

The great weather has also been consistent without dips in temperature which would have hampered the quality.”

I realize that our US readers probably won’t get to taste these strawberries, which is a real shame. However, what should interest everyone is that this boost in production and quality will help keep strawberries more of a local crop around here this year, cutting food miles and pollution.

It may also keep the costs of strawberries down all over the globe. For example, a major grocer in the UK has cut foreign import orders of strawberries by 50%.  They’ll have to sell those strawberries to somewhere, probably at a much lower price.

This weekend, I think I will take advantage and pick-my-own strawberries.

Source: BBC News

Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons by cogdogblog

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