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Our guest Green Diva, Barbara Taylor did an awesome job – not that we took it easy on her with a light schedule or anything . . . For those of you that might be missing Green Dude Scotty, he’ll be back next week.

We didn’t have much time to BS as we had Green Diva Lisa calling in from Austin, TX and our green diva correspondent report from Green Diva Kimberly in Reno, NV and a really fun interview with Rodman Schley, host of the upcoming TV series The Urban Conversion.

There was lots of talk about sustainable communities, food coops, backyard chicken envy, edible lawns and if you want to LOL, don’t miss the bit where Rodman talks about having to sing to a goat to get her to let him milk her on his pilot episode.

Listen by clicking here: Green Diva Podcast

NEXT WEEK’S FEATURED GUEST: 5.5.11: Susan Reed – Author, Energy-Wise Landscape Design If you would like to ask Susan anything, please leave a message here or go to our facebook page.

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