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larabar cherry pie

Quick and simple review: I love Larabars. They are very likely my absolute favorite energy bar out there today.

I have tried a ton of energy bars over the years. For a few years, at least (..maybe more like 7), I lived off of energy bars way more than I probably should have. I still remember when I first saw Larabars. I noticed them on the large shelf of energy bars at the health food store where I worked and, naturally, was very curious about them and went to check out the ingredients. I was shocked. All whole foods, no added sugars or sweeteners, no artificial anything, vegan, soy-free (quite unusual for energy bars, especially vegan ones), and non-GMO. (And for those who care, they are also gluten-free and Kosher.)

I’ll admit that I had a bit of a guilty conscience regarding my addiction to and reliance on energy bars, but no guilt eating these. Of course, they’re not only one of my absolute favorites for health reasons. They are also delicious. :D

If you would like to try these out (or are a huge fan already, like me), LÄRABAR is currently offering coupons to get $1 off 2 Larabars on its site. Go and get your LÄRABAR coupon today. Wondering what flavors to try? My favorites for a long time were Cherry Pie (which I keep craving as I think and write about these), Banana Bread, and Cashew Cookie. Now, the company has a number of new flavors. Of those, I would aim you towards: Blueberry Muffin, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Carrot Cake. However, everyone’s got their own preferences — you should, of course, go with the flavors that look the most appealing to you.

Even without the coupon, though, Larabars are some of the cheapest energy bars out there, normally only costing $1-$2. Another reason to love them. :D

There’s not much room to doubt the healthfulness of these real-food energy bars (they are simple and pure, based on whole foods), but if you want someone else’s opinion on the matter, I’ll note that trainer Brett of NBC’s The Biggest Loser recently featured them on the March 8, 2011 episode with contestants Ken, Rulon, and Justin. I imagine that made the company happy. Really, though, they are one of the best energy bar options (if not the best) out there.

LÄRABAR was founded in 2003 and now produces 19 different flavors. Check them all out at

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  • I would like to try cherry pie

  • Cherry Pie is my favorite flavor! Especially good when eaten cold from the fridge.

    • yeah, mine too :D

      don’t know if i ever tried it cold from the fridge, though! have to try it :D

  • I just “liked” the Larabar FB page.

  • I have already “liked” Eat/Drink/Better on FB.

  • Cashew Cookie is my favorite Lara Bar flavor! :)

    • I love the Cashew Cookie :D

  • Peanut Butter & Jelly!

  • Following on FB and Twitter…

  • I love the Peanut Butter and Jelly bar- so good!

  • I like Larabar on Facebook & follow them on Twitter! (@stretchjean)

  • I like Eat Drink Better on Facebook!

  • I ‘liked’ this post!

  • shared and tweeted…

  • My favorite flavor is coconut cream pie and I would like to try the blueberry muffin

  • I love to take Larabars with when we go camping for Scouts.

    My favorites are banana bread and chocolate chip cookie dough.

    Admittedly though our local grocery only carries a few flavors, it would be fantastic to get a chance to try them all. :)

  • I have shared this review on my Facebook profile. I am sure many of my more sustainably minded and health minded friends will appreciate the review.

  • My favorite flavor is cherry pie but I would love to try coconut cream pie! I like both eatdrinkbetter and larabar (was a fan before). Thanks!

  • Ps, I love that you posted the contested on pi day as I am craving a cherry pie Lara now :)

    • Haha, i didn’t even realize it :D

  • Rachel Shulman

    Gonna share and tweet this. I definitely agree with you that Larabars are the best energy bar out there – they’re made from real food instead of processed junk!

    My favorite flavors are peanut butter cookie and peanut butter chocolate chip. :)

  • Rachel Shulman

    Shared and tweeted!

  • I would have to say that lemon is my favorite flavor,or perhaps coconut cream pie, wait a minute changed my mind, peanut butter cookie,peacan pie,ginger snap.Truth be told I never ate a Larabar I did not thouroughly enjoy!!

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  • Oops, I wasn’t trying to cheat with an extra entry, sorry – although I’m going to do all the twittery/blog/newslettery things! I happened to come accross these for the first time this week and was also shocked and amazed when I read the ingredient list – amazing! I had the cashew cookie one to try which for a two-ingredient bar was pretty amazing. I am most looking forward to trying the key lime pie, the ginger snap and the carrot cake flavours.

  • Ok, I’ve liked both Larabar and eatdrinkbetter on facebook, and I was already following eatdrinkbetter on twitter and getting your newsletter…so that should be 4 entries right? :)

    • Have you already liked/shared this post as well? If so, that would make 4 :D But make sure to leave a note about that in a new comment (not as a reply to this), to make it easier to count :D Thank You.

  • I also love Larabars and eat them pretty much every week. My favorite flavor is Cinnamon Roll. Hard to believe, but it really does taste like a cinnamon roll!

  • I’ve never had Larabars. The posting was helpful to learn more about it! So many yummy flavors to choose from! Thanks for posting!

  • I’ve yet to try any of them, so I’d be thrilled to try any flavor!

  • I liked it on FB!

  • My favourite is Ginger Snap, I like you on fb and subscribe to your RSS feed. :D

  • i like apple pie best and am looking forward to trying cashew cookie

  • Larabars are so tasty! I’m fond of the apple, cherry, lemon, and lime; the peanut butter & jelly is also good.

  • Just signed up for the RSS feed on my Google Reader. :)

  • Kerri

    Love cashew cookie and apple pie. Would love to try them all!

  • I like the Larabar FB page

  • I like Eat Drink Better on FB

  • I liked the original post on FB

  • Cinnamon Roll for the win, i’d become so addicted to these :)

  • Key Lime Pie.. the dessert flavours sound really yummy


  • I ‘liked’ it on facebook! :)

  • My daughter saw this online & has been dying to try them! Personally if i win them I’ll keep all the carrot cake ones to myself, & only if she’s nice to me will she get to have the rest ;)

  • OKay, even if i don’t win these, I’d love to do a food swap or something to get my hands (and lips) on them, the banana bread ones, if anyone would be kind enough to do so. :) :) BUT I’m crossing my fingers.

  • i ‘liked’ eat drink better on facebook too! :)

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