Reducing Take Out Waste

condiment packets

Just Say No to Extras

If you’re planning to eat at home, do you really need packets of ketchup or soy sauce? When you order your meal, let the folks at the restaurant know that you don’t need any of their extras. They’ll be happy to save the cash, and you won’t have to guiltily toss those tiny packets.

You can also ask them not to give you paper napkins or disposable utensils. Not only are cloth napkins and proper silverware better for the planet, they’ll make your take out dinner feel more like a real meal.

Do you guys have any other suggestions on how to green up a take out order? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Evelyn Giggles

  1. Dinah

    Take-out waste bothers me and I bring containers often to be told they can’t because of health code laws or some such thing. Guess I should look into whether there really is a law here (MI) prohibiting that, or the individual restaurant’s choice. Find a few that will sometimes, but usually not. Great to see this topic being discussed!

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