Oprah Going Vegan for 1 Week (+ 378 Staff Members)

Vegan for One Week: Not Huge, But Will Bring Some Changes

I’m curious to see what comes of her and her team’s experiences this time. One week really isn’t an adequate amount of time for you and your body to see all the personal benefits of a vegan diet, but some may end up deciding to stay on longer and they will probably see a few noticeable differences in how they feel and their food preferences.

I remember going vegan many years ago and thinking it would be very difficult because I loved cheese, but, ironically, within about one week cheese really didn’t look appealing to me at all and I had no problem with that (or anything else as far as I know).

Going Vegan With Friends

As I advised when I wrote about “how to go vegetarian” and as I have similarly said when writing about “how to go green,” doing so with friends or finding a community focused on such topics to delve into is a great way to stick to your goals and achieve your objective.

Now, Oprah has apparently taken that to another level. Nearly 400 people going vegan together! At the very least, this could influence quite a few animal lives (that’s like one person going vegan for a few years). We’ll see if anyone converts indefinitely as a result as well.

We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

All in all, while many of us who care about the lives and welfare of animals surely wish that Oprah and her crew would take it a step further, you have to admit that this is a different U.S. than it was a couple decades ago when it comes to this matter (even while the growth of factory farms has skyrocketed) and you have to be happy that Oprah and her friends are doing this much.

As Daelyn Fortney of This Dish is Veg nicely says:

“Twenty years ago, we would have never seen a program with the reach ofΒ The Oprah Winfrey Show give an ounce of positive attention to veganism, heck most people probably didn’t even know what the word ‘vegan’ meant… we’ve come a long way baby.”

Yes, we sure have.

  1. nourishthespirit

    I love how open minded Oprah is, always trying new things. Going vegan shouldn’t necessarily affect her weight (it could!) but it’s a cleansing diet for anyone to try as long as they watch their omega fatty acid intake and such.

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