Happy New Year from Eat Drink Better

Happy New Year

Hi there, lovely readers! We wanted to take a moment today to wish you all a happy, safe, delicious new year. It’s been a wonderful 2010, and that is thanks to you! Food is our passion, and we’re so glad to have a community here where we can share that with all of you.

We’ve enjoyed reading your comments, questions and suggestions and are looking forward to a food-filled 2011!

Image Credit: Remixed Creative Commons photo by lel4nd

  1. Eva

    I thought I’d written a comment, but I guess it didn’t post for some reason. Happy new year all of you from Eat Drink Better. Thank you for a great blog! I hope 2011 will be a better one for eating and drinking better! :)

    1. Becky Striepe

      Thanks so much, Eva, and happy new year to you! I’m sorry to hear your comment disappeared – I’ll see if it got caught in moderation. If it happens again, definitely email us through the contact page so we can sort out what’s going on there!

      1. Eva

        Thanks Becky! It could have been a problem on my end as it was the first time I noticed that to have happened on this site.

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