More Gift Ideas: Vintage Finds for Foodies

If you’re looking for a gift for the foodie on your list but have a limited budget, antique shops and flea markets are a great place to look. Here are some of the items that I always keep an eye out for:

Vintage dinnerware: Food looks so good on distressed, farm-style earthenware, especially in white. See this piece on Etsy for an example.

Cast iron: If you’re lucky, you might find a really nice, well-seasoned cast-iron pot or skillet at an antique shop or second-hand store. Check out this magical-looking griddle on Etsy.

Galvanized metal containers: They’re usually easy to find, and can be turned into an attractive planter simply by using a hammer and nail to punch some drainage holes. Pottery Barn is currently selling galvanized metal planters for $30-150, but you can buy them at antique stores for much less.

Wooden crates: I often see old soda, fruit, or egg crates at antique stores, and they make really cute harvesting bins for produce or storage containers for gardening tools.

Know of any other found items that make great foodie gifts? Leave your suggestion as a comment!

Image courtesy of Will Merydith via a Creative Commons license.

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  • those are fantastic. i’ve had some really nice pieces at my vintage and handmade shop at etsy, and will definitly be stocking up on more cast iron and enamelware. :D

  • Antique glass or ceramic salt cellars, salt and pepopers haker sets and toothpick holders make great gifts.

  • er, make that “pepper shaker”.
    I think my spellcheck is Ukrainian…

  • I enjoyed your post and the ideas for finding vintage items. I love antique stores anyway so this was right up my alley.