Depression Era Cooking: Dandelion Salad


We love foraging for food around here! Wild fruits, veggies, mushrooms, and weeds are free sources of local, healthy eats in a time when we could all stand to save a buck.

Have you guys run across Depression Era Cooking with Clara before? She’s a 94 year old woman who shares cooking tips from the Great Depression on her YouTube channel and in her cookbook. In the video below, she shows us how to clean and prepare gathered dandelions to create a nutritious salad:

When you do go out foraging, just make sure you’re careful about where you look. You don’t want to gather a bunch of dandelions sprayed with harmful pesticides. Scout out places where folks don’t spray, and gather away!

Have you guys cooked with dandelions before? Tell us about it in the comments!

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by ladybugsleaf

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  • I love foraging for foods AND Cooking with Depression Foods with Clara — she's awesome! Thanks for sharing this. Her salad looks very tasty — I've also made a Greek variation that uses lightly cooked dandelion with some feta. Yum!

    • Isn't she the best? I love the pasta and peas one, too!

  • Dandelion greens are wonderful. I recommend picking them when the leaves are first unfolding in the early spring and tossing the raw leaf into salads.

    Also, the close-cropped, yard variety of the dandelion is bitter and tough. The best specimens are obtained from fields or roadsides where they grow uncontrollably.

    • Oooh good to know! Would you recommend sauteeing the more bitter ones? Does that help take the edge off?

  • Maybe a little. But new shoots found in areas that aren't mowed definitely taste the best!