Eat Your Christmas Cards, Save the Planet

A British printing company has released a new edible Christmas card printed on potato starch paper with vegetable inks. While I doubt the card will be the highlight of your holiday meal, an edible card allows for easy, green disposal.

“We bought a special printer, which has never used ordinary ink, specially for the job,” said Steve Lodge, managing director of Oxygen Creative design. “The potato starch paper isn’t really designed for this sort of thing, so it is a bit weak, but it does stand upright like ordinary cards. We are sending out a couple of hundred to our customers this year. Anyone who doesn’t want to keep the card can simply eat it.”

The cards are decorated with a print of a bowl of brussel sprouts, and they’ve even signed the cards with a special pen. Personally, I’d love to have edible business cards — perhaps that’s next?

Photo Credit: ejchang on Flickr under Creative Commons license.

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  • Edible cards…thats just a wonderful idea, what about the envelope and stamp + how do you keep the card from not getting too dirty in transit?