Top 7 Posts About Ideas for a Green Thanksgiving

With the Thanksgiving Holiday just a few days away, you are probably focusing on how to have a green Thanksgiving. I have enjoyed reading tips and ideas from around the Green Options network and the blogosphere.  Here are some of my favorite green Thanksgiving posts:

1. A Green and Affordable Thanksgiving

NBC11 recorded a segment on how to have a sustainable Thanksgiving as part of their Green Week coverage. I got to spend the morning with them talking about heritage turkeys, organic vegetables and ways to create a natural Thanksgiving Centerpiece.

To view the segment click here.

2. How To Get The Kids Involved in Helping You Create a Green Thanksgiving

Do you want to get the kids involved in your green Thanksgiving plans? Watch this video to see how these kids helped out.

For full story go here.

3. Thanks, Earth

SustainLane, a green living company provides 5 top tips for a Green Thanksgiving.

Read here for full story.

4. Handmade Holidays: Thanksgiving Craft Ideas to Share with the Family

The talented crafters at Etsy have some very special holiday how-to tutorials to share this season. Earlier this week they featured this adorable “patchwork trivet for your table. You can spice up your home decor, whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving or a potluck with friends!”

For full story go here

5. How Local Will Your Thanksgiving Be?

A local Thanksgiving is a green Thanksgiving. It is not hard to eat local during the Holiday. Beth Bader tells you how.

For full story go here

6. Beyond Pie: 10 Great Savory Pumpkin Recipes

Nothing like pumpkin at the Thanksgiving table. Here are 10 pumpkin recipes to satisfy your savory side and take advantage of the current farmers market bounty.

For full story go here.

7. Green Gorilla: Create a Natural Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Have the kids help you create a natural Thanksgiving centerpiece.  The folks at Green Gorilla show you how.

For full story go here.

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