Farmers Market Fare 6

Pak Choy/Bok ChoyThis week marked our first CSA pickup of the season. The bag contained spinach, scallions, strawberries, asparagus, bok choy, and lettuces. I go to the market as well as the CSA each week, though it sounds odd, and there I buy other items that our CSA does not grow. So, I added more herbs like dill and some baby arugula and purple asparagus to the mix. Spring is finally here!

Submissions for this week follow the jump.

Jen at Modern Beet is making Quick Pickled Citrus Red Onions this week. Sounds great!

Mark Schauss presents What do the Numbers on Your Fruits and Vegetables Mean? posted at Toxic World Blog – Detoxify and Heal Your Body.

Joy Weese Moll presents Three Market Day posted at The Spiral of Seasons , saying, “This week’s post inspired by local food and by a local food blog.”

Lane Wright presents Vegan Eating Trumps Eating Locally posted at Vegan Bits.

valereee presents Time, Money, Recipes: Experience is the answer and Linwood Sausage Company posted at Cincinnati Locavore, saying, “Local sausagemaker Jose Almeida of the Linwood Sausage Co. sells his artisanal sausage at the Hyde Park farmers’ market in Cincinnati, OH.”

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Beth Bader is co-author of the book, The Cleaner Plate Club. She is a passionate "Local Food" advocate and an author for the Eat Local Challenge. She loves creating healthy, family-friendly, seasonal foods, family dinners, cooking for friends, and cooking with her child. You can her at The Expatriate's Kitchen.
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