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Published on June 28th, 2014 | by Jill Ettinger


5 Unusual Benefits of Going Vegan (Warning: Poop Talk)

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There are two types of vegans in this world: the ones who do it for the animals and the ones who do it for their own health (this one also includes doing it for the environment, which impacts our health).

But regardless of why you choose a vegan diet, there are some universal benefits of going vegan that all vegans experience; they can’t be avoided. Some we talk about all the time like sparing animals or losing weight. Some, not so much.

Think you’re ready to take on the vegan diet? Here are some of the other benefits of going vegan:

1. Maintain a healthier weight: When first going vegan, most people typically lose weight. Unlike other diets (looking at you, Paleo), where there can be a significant initial weight loss, vegans have an easier time maintaining a healthy weight all the time. In other words, you won’t gain a ton back and you’re more likely to have an easier time keeping it off.

2. Better poop: It’s gross and I’ll make it brief, but a healthy vegan diet is abundant in fiber, which in most cases, is a good thing (some gastrointestinal issues that can’t tolerate fiber aside). More fiber means less straining, better formed stools and less of the, let’s just say, un-fun bathroom time. I don’t know about you, but a bad poop experience can ruin my day.

3. You can eat more dessert: Dairy and eggs make up most dessert items, making them too rich, fattening and unhealthy to eat regularly. Not the case for vegans. Yes, you can overdo it or do it wrong—Oreos are vegan after all—but a healthy vegan dessert can really be guilt-free in all the right ways.

4. You really know your vegetables: No matter what type of diet you eat, your physician will always advise you to eat more vegetables. The benefits are extraordinary and irrefutable, and as a vegan, you’ve got your plant intake covered. Hopefully you’re consuming a wide array of different fruits and vegetables to get the many delicious benefits. And this means cooking seasonally and locally, too. This brings variety to your plate that can’t be said for eating the same old pig, cow, chicken or fish. (Sad face.)

5. Decreased risk of food poisoning: Any food at any time can harbor harmful bacteria, but you do decrease your risk of common bugs like salmonella and e. coli by opting out of the common culprits: animal products. And the benefits to that are many. (See #2).

What are your favorite benefits of going vegan?

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About the Author

Jill Ettinger is co-director of Eat Drink Better. She is the senior editor at and A focus on food, herbs, wellness and world cultural expressions, Jill explores what our shifting food, healing systems and creative landscapes will look, sound and taste like in the future. Stay in touch on Twitter @jillettinger and .

19 Responses to 5 Unusual Benefits of Going Vegan (Warning: Poop Talk)

  1. Ay. says:

    I did not know that a vegan diet may decrease possibilities of food poisoning. There are so many things to learn and I doubt that an individual could actually learn it all.

    Nonetheless, when it comes to weight loss the fact it can be linked to obesity or diabetes, make this subject a very important one. Knowing how to lose weight without going through extremely restrictive diets or unbelievable hard workouts may be beneficial.

    I shared some of my thoughts related to this topic on this page:

    You may also find there a link to a video that taught me about a phenomenon related to weight loss and genders that I was unaware of.

    What is the point of following an enslaving diet where you have to completely stop enjoying delicious, healthy and lawful food?

  2. Ashley Williams says:

    The Vegan Diet is just another passing fad diet that celebrities are currently endorsing. If you want long term weight loss you
    have to
    change your routine to include healthy eating AND a cardio routine, just
    cutting out certain foodgroups is not enough. I recently
    purchased a system through and could not be happier with the results.
    40lbs lost so far and looking better than ever at 38 years old!

    • tim242 says:

      Keep thinking that. The human body is not designed to handle meat and dairy. Hopefully, more and more people will get it.

    • Sher De Lune says:

      After having a stroke at 52, we went vegan and I lost 150 pounds and have kept it off. Not a passing fad at all. And yes, we get adequate exercise every day and eat nutritional food.

    • And purchasing a diet plan system isn’t a fad diet? Vegan isn’t a “diet”, but a lifestyle people stick with long term. And you’re right, simply cutting out food groups ISN’T enough, which is why vegans substitute healthy, nutrient rich, and protein rich plant foods for the meat and dairy they no longer eat. They eliminate maybe 6 or 7 foods, and replace it with dozens of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, and legumes…many you have probably never heard of because they aren’t well known to people who follow a standard American diet. And FYI to keep lean just cardio alone will not maintain it. You need to build muscle with some sort of muscle building to help burn calories.

      • Han says:

        carbs fruits and vegies feed the muscles and brains, and starve the fat cells. also they contain all the protein you’ll ever need.

        Meat and Dairy feed the fatcells but not the rest of your body.

  3. Jax says:

    Re losing weight, I gained weight when I went vegan. I started craving carbs and ate pasta like crazy. I’m still vegan, but it’s definitely not a solve-all weight-loss solution.

    • tim242 says:

      That’s what happens when you are a junk food vegan. You have to eat a variety.

      • Jax says:

        Uh, no I’m not a ‘junk food’ vegan. I was just consuming massive amounts of pasta. I’ve cut back and my weight has since gone back to normal.

        • Han says:

          Make sure you eat as little as possible fat and oil. And if you do pick the healthy ones, for example walnuts and flax seeds. Also taking regular walks, longer than 45 minutes help a lot. To lose fat.

          After three month of being vegan myself lots of friends said I lost a lot of weight and I always had to reply I was still 90 kilos. Meaning… I lost fat and gained muscle. Now that’s exactly what I wanted. :-)

          Also I really like jogging, I simply have much more energy.

        • Lou says:

          About carbs cravings Jax you can get quinoa pasta! I love it, I can eat all the pasta I want and I’m getting protein.

  4. Sophie says:

    Anothet unusual vegan diet brnifit – less BO and definetaly less sweating in general! Oh and it cures acne! :)

  5. Lou says:

    Veganism is not a fad and it is not about losing weight. I keep reading that in every other blog, people NEED to get more and better information :(
    Veganism is about health, respect and compassion.
    Yes, you lose weight, definitely, it’s a side benefit, not the “goal”.

    About carbs cravings Jax :) you can get quinoa pasta! I love it, I can eat all the pasta I want and I’m getting protein.

  6. Lou says:

    Veganism is not a fad and it is not about losing weight. I keep reading that in every other blog, people NEED to get more and better information and read the article properly.
    Veganism is about health, respect and compassion.
    Yes, you lose weight, definitely, it’s a side benefit, not the “goal”.
    I don’t know why people comment around that, that is not what this post says.

    About carbs cravings Jax you can get quinoa pasta! I love it, I can eat all the pasta I want and I’m getting protein.

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  9. Margaret says:

    VEGAN is a lifestyle, PLANT BASED is a diet.

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