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Published on January 13th, 2014 | by Becky Striepe


Top 10 Vegan Lifestyle Sites that Make Eating Vegan Easy and Delicious

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Top 10 Vegan Lifestyle Sites

Think of these vegan lifestyle sites as a virtual support system on your vegan journey.

One of the things that I love best about my vegan lifestyle is connecting with other folks who are passionate about living compassionately. There are so many amazing vegan sites out there with recipes and vegan lifestyle tips, but what these sites have in common is personality.

Vegan recipes and tips are a huge help when you’re living a vegan lifestyle, but they’re not the whole picture by any means. Veganism can come with a feeling of isolation, especially if you don’t have any vegan friends of family. I’m lucky to know lots of awesome vegan people here in Atlanta, but my close friends and my family are of the omnivore persuasion. They respect my choice to live a vegan lifestyle. There are just some things that we don’t get to commiserate about, like coming up with an awesome recipe for vegan queso or the quest for vegan boots.

That might make it sound like it’s hard to be vegan, but it really isn’t. Like any lifestyle change, it just takes time to adapt, and I think that these vegan writers do an amazing job of sharing not just their kitchens but a bit of themselves with everything that they write.

Top 10 Vegan Lifestyle Sites

These are in no particular order – all of these peeps are #1 in my book!

  1. Cadry’s Kitchen
  2. Kelli’s Vegan Kitchen
  3. Andrea’s Easy Vegan Cooking
  4. Luminous Vegans
  5. Veganosaurus
  6. The Gluten Free Treadmill (formerly This is Thirty)
  7. Vegan Miam
  8. Canned Time
  9. An Unrefined Vegan
  10. Cake Maker to the Stars

I’d love to hear from you guys, too! What are your favorite vegan lifestyle sites?

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Hi there! I'm Becky Striepe, a green crafter and vegan foodie living in Atlanta, Georgia with my husband and two cats. My mission is to make eco-friendly crafts and vegan food accessible to anyone who wants to give them a go. If you like my work, you can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, and .

36 Responses to Top 10 Vegan Lifestyle Sites that Make Eating Vegan Easy and Delicious

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  3. capricorn says:

    Simple Veganista
    Love and Lemons (not entirely vegan, but very veggie heavy and delicous recipes)!

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  7. Aww, thanks Becky for including me on the list! I agree with Cadry, you left off Glue and Glitter :-)

  8. Aiden James says:

    The Vegan Zombie on YouTube!

  9. taylorincolorado says:

    Want more than you can reasonably look at? Do a google search for ‘best vegan blogs of 2013′ – or follow the links for the last VegMoFo. My favorites are: Fat Free Vegan and Straight Up Food

  10. While there are plenty of resources for recipes, my new site (and blog) have a focus on how to transition to and maintain a healthful vegan lifestyle – for the animals, the environment and for your body!

    Check it out: and

    See you there!


  11. Cadry says:

    I’m so delighted to be included in your list, Becky! Thanks! You’ve definitely highlighted some of my favorites. Of course, I’d also have to add Glue & Glitter to the list… Maybe you know that one? ;)

  12. Heather says:


    For everyone with children in their lives – support, insights, resources for making vegan choices.
    And AWESOME children’s books encouraging love of animals, our planet and our bodies.

  14. Rebecca says:

    Have you heard of htpp:/ Lots of easy transition tips for new vegans :)

  15. One of my long-time favorites is Choosing Raw: Gena covers raw and cooked vegan food, medicine, health issues, and all sorts of vegan products from a really smart, ethical standpoint.

  16. Some day my little blog will make this list … I just know it! In the meantime, you can check it out yourself at!

  17. Abby says:

    I would add Finding Vegan at

  18. Annie says:

    LOVE our vegan community! I feel so supported and loved. Thanks, girl!

  19. Wow – thank you so much for adding me to the list! You are on the top of my list!

  20. Thanks for your confidence Becky! I always learn so much from searching vegan sites (like your’s) that I never think of my own as being informative so much. It really is a lifestyle though to try to eat kind and eat healthy all in one. Thanks again and here’s to living Vegan ♥

  21. trish says:

    A wonderful and award-winning site for recipes is Have tried many of her tasty dishes and she has gorgeous food photography.
    Bon appetit!

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