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Published on December 26th, 2013 | by Guest Contributor


Another Reason to Go Organic: It Tastes Better

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There are plenty of noble reasons to eat organic, and these tend to dominate most discussions and debates on how we should approach food as a society. Reasons like sustainability, supporting local economies and maintaining natural ecosystems are all more than legitimate talking points on this issue – yet, there’s another pretty persuasive reason worth adding to the mix. Organic food isn’t just better for us and the environment, it tastes better too (or at least we think it does).

Organic labels influence taste

Whilst ‘taste’ may seem an inherently subjective quality, studies have proven that, on average, people prefer the taste of food they’ve been told is organic. Whether or not organic food actually tastes better remains up for debate. However, so much of taste is perception. For example, a Michelin-starred chef could prepare the perfect dish, but if it’s served in a heap on a dirty plate in a bad-smelling room, the dish simply won’t taste as good.

What we taste is so reliant on our perception of the ingredients, that you cannot distinguish between the two. If people prefer the taste of food they believe is organic, and since it’s illegal to label non-organic food as organic, then it’s reasonable to conclude that organic food does indeed taste better.

Making a mainstream case for organic food

So, whilst there are many environmental reasons for ‘going organic,’ there’s also the selfish reason that we prefer eating organic ingredients. This may not be as noble an argument, but it could be what gets more restaurants and holiday companies to make the switch to organic sources in the future.

And if you really fancy influencing the world in the ways of organic food, you could always enter the Thomson Cruise Kitchen competition with a menu of your own design and specify the use of organic ingredients in your dish descriptions. Who knows, you could even win a Caribbean cruise in the bargain!

Disclosure: This article is supported by Thomson Cruise Kitchen

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Natalie Maynor

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