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Published on January 12th, 2009 | by Lucille Chi


Feeding America

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Recently, talking about the food crisis globally on our sister site Feel Good Style, I also thought about these same issues domestically, here in the United States, and rediscovered Feeding America (previously known as Second Harvest). Feeding America is a national supporter of local food-banks and kitchens, and they do all this through the use of grants. In their call for help they state that 35 million in the US don’t know where the next meal is coming from, stating that “one in eight Americans is struggling with hunger. Our goal is to fill their bowls with food, and their hearts and minds with hope.”

Not only is this cause to donate, but I am also reminded of how helping at a soup kitchen is one of those things that just feels really good. Their willingness to engage civil society to help care about starving citizens, shows how anyone can make changes to help the starving locally. Perhaps you own a farm, or a big garden and can donate something fresh? Or become a corporate sponsor? Feeding America states that “as a charity with national reach, we can engage the public and raise awareness of this critical issue on a national and local level.” Feeding America also sets standards for equally and properly trained participants, food safety, financial systems and record keeping, plus transportation, donor relations and more. In addition to local supporters, Feeding America has a strong relationship with the U.S. government, as they are the primary recipient of government commodities, such as those from the Emergency Food Assistance Program.

Above image couresy of the Feeding America partner page.

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3 Responses to Feeding America

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  2. Christine says:

    Thanks for continuing to remind us of the local need, especially in the winter months following the holidays! My husband serves on the board of our local food pantry and keeps me up to date on the ups and downs of donations.

  3. This is such an important organization, especially in these times of financial crisis and massive layoffs. There is such hunger around the world that we sometimes neglect those here at home who are also in need of a nutritious meal.

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